the era of shared missions


Three inescapable truths create a new imperative for humanity:

We live in an era of challenges with unprecedented scale.

We live in an era of challenges with unprecedented urgency.      

We live in an era of challenges with no clear mechanism for addressing their level of scale and urgency.

And therein lies the imperative: Humanity needs a new mechanism for change. A mechanism that rises to the level of the scale and urgency of our challenges. Each of society's sectors see our challenges, and for their own survival, wants them overcome. It's what technology wants. It's what government wants. It's what business wants. It's what the world's financial capital wants. It's what the world's creative capital wants. It's what the world's 7 billion citizens want. Yet, we are witnessing that each of them poking their own individual spears against the formidable armor of the challenges cannot pierce it. But what if we joined them all together, behind one spear? What if the unprecedented force created by their union was combined with the kind of epically sharp and powerful spear tip that only they together could forge? What if for the very first time, technology joined with government, joined with business, joined with financial capital, joined with creative capital, and joined with the world's 7 billion people, all into one integrated mechanism serving a shared mission for change? Might we not only pierce the armor of our challenges, but drive right through and dismantle them forever? We believe that is so. We believe we are all standing on a precipice. The precipice where we boldly step from the era of challenges with unprecedented scale and urgency, to the era of a new mechanism for unprecedented change.

Let us be the first ones to welcome you, and all you have to give, to that new era.

Let us welcome you to the era of Shared Mission.

There is much work to be done.