Shared Mission℠ Initiative: Climate Change

science as start up


What the Apollo Program was to the space race, we need for the climate.

We need to mobilize the best science and engineering brains using a new model, injecting this climate knowledge into the private sector. By integrating science, engineering, and business opportunity to build out new enterprises that can monetize climate knowledge and novel technologies by market advantage.


Shared Mission℠ Initiative: Climate Change

climate studio


Turning the tide of culture towards climate truth and action, with a bold new media model

We are creating a multi-channel creative coalition—a climate studio—that uses best available data analytics to develop creative messages that motivate new constituencies to demand climate action. The coalition will be comprised of talented content creators recruited from a wide range of fields, including designers, videographers, artists, photographers and others who will develop content that breaks through with diverse audiences outside of typical climate activists. Working across platforms, creators will reach mass audiences through a scaled distribution network of climate-aligned organizations. Creators will be supported by sophisticated media and messaging research, data analysis and behavioral scientists that will test and optimize climate-focused messages for a variety of audiences. Climate Studio content will be designed to create a groundswell of community support for climate action by activating the voices of key cultural tribes.


Shared mission℠ SUMMIT: Literacy



Winning the fight for literacy justice

Our nation’s future is under immediate threat. We are failing young people in providing the opportunity to achieve the very foundational skills upon which all else depends. In schools in every major urban and rural area across the country, an estimated 33,000,000 students in grades K-12 (total population assumed to be 50 million) are not proficient in reading. When our young people are not literate, they do not have the opportunity to meaningfully exercise their vote, pursue higher education, or attain jobs, and the foundation of our society and country is at risk. Our mission is critical, and more urgent than ever: Make sure kids can read.  There is a lot to be done, including establishing the cultural will and a constitutional right to literacy, a process already under way with a landmark lawsuit in Detroit, led by our partner Public Counsel.


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